Australia has faced many challenges establishing an internet presence. The large size and rough terrain of the Australian continent have been significant drawbacks as well as our distance from the rest of the world. Despite these setbacks internet usage in the home has quadrupled since 1998 and business internet usage is as high as 99.9%.

Looking forward, the Australian government has committed themselves to rolling out a high speed national broadband network which will provide homes and businesses with internet speeds up to 100 megabits per second which is 100 times faster than the current average.While providing super fast internet the scheme will also extend internet coverage to regional black spots in the country where Australians currently have no or very poor internet access.

Australian internet usage figures (2009)

Home usage

* 67% of Australian households have home Internet access compared to 16% in 1998.
* 75% of households have access to a computer compared to 45% in 1998.
* 78% of households with internet access have a high speed broadband connection.
* 87% of households in the Australian Capital Territory have internet access.
* Users spend over an hour a day on the internet. More time is spent using online services and Internet shopping than email and social networking.

Business usage

* 86% of all businesses have internet access.
* 83.5% of small businesses have internet access.
* 99.9% of large businesses have internet access.
* 34% of all businesses have a web presence.
* 24.5% of small businesses have a web presence.
* 95% of large businesses have a web presence.

Compared to overseas

At 94.1% South Korea has the highest level of household internet access in the world. Average internet access in the European union is at 56%.